Modern simulation recognizes opportunities.

Our planners are known for their intuition on development potential and for choosing best method. Using the "AutoForm" simulation software, we are certain to identify all optimization opportunities early, thus implementing the most cost-effective method. A detailed evaluation and documentation enable the calculation of spring-back behaviour and compensation proposals.

The advantages:
    • Advance elimination of problems
    • Increased component life
    • Confirmation of the proposed method
    • Takes care of the entire manufacturing process
    • Shorter lead times
    • Better planning of capacity


Security instead of gut feeling.

A well-known proverb says »If you want to build high towers, you have to spend a long time on the foundation«, and we agree. Because precision and careful preparation determine all tool designs, irrelevant of size or shape. The designs being carried out applying all required specifications and building regulations. The permanent development of our CAD System “CATIA” assures an efficient and clean data exchange with our customers. The workflow chain of CAD and CAM systems, enable our designers to develop solutions tailored to and with customers, thus assuring the desired quality.