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Product designer

A technical product designer supports engineers in the development of most technical products. They design, construct and customize components and assemblies, as well as everyday objects on CAD systems. A technical product designer works in the aerospace, shipbuilding and automotive industries, as well as in the area of mechanical engineering.
They are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Data management on computers
  • Preparation of technical documents
  • Distinction between materials as well as manufacturing processes and assembly techniques
  • Evaluation of materials and auxiliary materials
  • Design, drafting and calculation of components and assemblies
  • Performing simulations
  • Skills, knowledge and skills in the areas of manufacturing, joining and assembly technology, as well as control technology and electronics
  • Bidding, procurement, manufacturing and management areas in the company

A technical product designer, with machine and plant engineering specialisation, can further acquire skills after training through continuing and further education. There are opportunities in the expansion of knowledge or in major fields of activity, for example, in leadership positions in business administration or as a business specialist.
Furthermore, you can further complete the technical product designer, machine and plant engineering specialisation, with a university entrance qualification.