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Industrial engineer (Dual Studies)

If you are aiming for the profession of industrial engineer, dual study is the ideal way. As an industrial engineer, it is your job to mediate between the technicians and merchants. During your dual studies, therefore, sufficient provision should be made that you become acquainted with both the complex commercial processes, at the same time obtain practical engineering expertise, and learn its use.

Hardly any study is as diverse as the dual degree in industrial engineering. Because it combines the economic and jurisprudential content of the Business Administration degree program, with the technical and scientific content of the Engineering course of studies. You are able, for example, to calculate and optimize costs of production in advance. In the engineering focus areas, mechanical engineering, power engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering are on the curriculum.

Moreover, right here is your biggest advantage over the pure merchants: An optimisation of the production costs is easier by far, if one knows exactly how this production technically takes place. The subject combinations can be freely chosen. The priorities set here depend on the cooperation between the university and the company. Of course, you may be both at the university during your dual studies as well as working from the start in the company. The advantage is obvious. While full-time students are often surprised by the shock of practical experience when entering the job market, you already have both feet firmly in the world of work.

In order to take a dual degree, you usually need a technical college certificate. Unlike a classical education, you apply not only for the training place, but also for a study place. You should look for a college that offers the Industrial Engineering course of studies as a dual degree.

In contrast to traditional university courses you can also count on a training salary.

As an all-rounder, following your dual studies, you can find employment following your dual study in a variety of industries and departments, such as in controlling, production or marketing. Your two majors enable you to always have two perspectives. For example, production costs can be lowered through intelligent commercial processes, as well as through optimal technical implementation.
As an industrial engineer, both factors are possible, the commercial as well as technical, to include in decisions. Industrial engineers are in demand in the labour market; nearly 70% of graduates are later employed in management positions.