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Cutting machine operator specialized in milling technology

Do you want to be able to operate and program modern milling machines? Here you will not learn monotonous machine work, but will train as a highly qualified specialist.
We offer you versatile training, in which you learn to use and program modern computer-controlled CNC machines.
The career prospects are impressive: After a successful and good completion of training, you can be hired by us directly into the company. In addition, the training provides a very good basis for a project manager or production manager position or a subsequent master, technician or engineer training.
Tool construction has the characteristic that the tasks are very varied and interesting. Complex components, designed in our design department, are produced at high speed. When the items are then assembled and tested on all functioning systems, a sense of achievement of your valuable work is guaranteed. The range of your training goes from simple drilling to the creation of machining programs on a computer using 3D techniques.
You will be cooperatively integrated into our production team. Your qualified instructor and colleagues will gladly pass on their extensive experiences to you, as well as knowledge of materials, production technologies and quality assurance.